New Viral Video Celebrates Track Day Heroes Everywhere

New Viral Video Celebrates Track Day Heroes Everywhere

Everyone who has attended a track day will be able to relate to this video, mocking the over-enthusiastic poseurs who populate lapping days across the nation.

Much like the photographers lampooned in a previous video, these folks can be spotted their $100 motorcycle helmets that cost as much as their Nomex driving gloves. They’re never afraid to whip out the AIM data loggers and HeroCams, and are always ready to educate you on the merits of different R-Compound tires despite being unable to hold the steering wheel properly. These are folks inevitably get spanked by someone in a very low key econobox, and always ready to blame the equipment (like any good driver does).

For these track day heroes, who brag to their friends about “going racing” and are more concerned with playing to an imaginary audience than becoming good drivers, we salute you with this video that lampoons your showboating and inflated egos. Remember; you can never win a track day, but you can lose it all in one second.

[Thanks to Brian Makse for the video]

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  • Chad

    $100 helmet? Show me! Good quality Snell/DOT helmets worth anything start at $200 and move up to $500 very quickly.

  • That’s the point. They cheap out on the most vital safety gear but have no problem spending hundreds for some JDM carbon bits for their car. Showing off takes precedence over everything else.

  • john

    I don’t know who Brian Makse is, and you may owe him a hat-tip for referring you to this video, but your citation above makes it sound like he made this video… which is not true. Someone with the goofy Youtube name “quickxotica22” made it. That someone happens to be me. No big deal though. Glad you liked it.