Porsche Won’t Participate In Horsepower Wars

Porsche Won’t Participate In Horsepower Wars

Porsche AG says it wants no part in the ever escalating horsepower race, and will instead focus on engineering the vehicle as one unit, taking into account the power, handling and fuel economy aspects to develop world beating vehicles.

“Our engineers are holding back on power – they are looking elsewhere now” for optimum performance, Alexander Schildt, manager-product planning for Porsche Cars North America, told Ward’s Auto. “We want our customers to be able to pull up in front of their children’s schools and not feel like they are causing climate change all by themselves.”

Schildt suggested that Porsche was deliberately holding back power on some engines. He invited journalists to compare the high horsepower being obtained by Mercedes-Benz’s AMG division, and noted that Porsche could easily attain that level, but capped the Panamera Turbo’s output in the low 500-horsepower range.

Reducing weight will become Porsche’s number one priority. With a federally mandated fuel economy target of 35 mpg for their entire fleet, and the need to stay on the edge of the performance envelope, lighter cars will allow Porsche to satisfy both requirements. “Take weight out of a car and it does magic for the handling,” said Schildt. “That’s how we will continue to satisfy our customers.” Schildt also said that hybrids will be a necessary part of Porsche’s future.

[Source: Ward’s Auto]

  • Al Remley

    Hooray for Porsche. 500 horsepower is more than adequate for the need of most owners. Emphasis on optimum combination of comfort,handling performance and economy is a more attractive package for most buyers.
    The horsepower war can be fought on the race track with specialty racing products.

  • Robert

    Everybody wants to live in a clean world but Porsche is making a bad mistake along the lines of the 55 MPH speed limit which helped the Japanese and Europeans take over the American car market. I don’t particularly like Mercedes cars but if I were in the market for a high powered car, available HP is rather significant. On the other extreme are cheap Mustangs and good value Corvettes putting out more than 500 HP. There are ways to meet the 35 MPG limit including some low HP cars and blending the figures with Audi and VW in doing the calculation.

  • apexracer

    THIS is the right attitude. Finally a proper approach to the future development of performance cars.
    Regardless of what you do with the engine, suspension, etc., weight is the enemy.

    Porsche FTW! I think Porsche will gain the respect of many enthusiast with this direction.