Report: Fiat 500 Hybrid To Get 100 MPG

Report: Fiat 500 Hybrid To Get 100 MPG

Fiat is reportedly working on a hybrid variant of its 500 TwinAir supermini, which is estimated to get an astonishing 100 mpg.

The TwinAir 900cc two-cylinder motor, combined with a hybrid motor and Fiat’s dual clutch transmission, are all expected to fit underneath the hood, due to the compact packaging of all three components.

This will eliminate concerns about practicality, while the hybrid system, which could conceivably allow for rapid acceleration away from stoplights, would help to make the most of the 500’s city driving capabilities.

The 84 horsepower TwinAir is expected to be joined by a non-turbo version, and a hotted-up 104 horsepower TwinAir variant later in the model’s  life cycle.

[Source: Auto Express]

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