Report: Toyota ‘Planted’ Driver Error Story Claims NHTSA Insider

Report: Toyota ‘Planted’ Driver Error Story Claims NHTSA Insider

Recently a Wall Street Journal story revealed that with one exception, it was driver error and not mechanical or electrical issues that resulted in the “unintended acceleration” of Toyota vehicles. Now, another outlet, is claiming an unnamed source within NHTSA has confirmed the story was planted by Toyota as part of a public relations effort to re-build its image. If that does in fact turn out to be the case, the fallout could certainly do quite the opposite.

Supporting this newest report are the continued claims by NHTSA that the story did not come from within the government agency.

That, however, does not mean that the story isn’t true. In fact, it more likely suggests the story was leaked. And if true, and leaked, then who can blame Toyota for wanting to spread the news?

Regardless, NHTSA’s official findings have not yet been released and until they are, either exonerating or blaming Toyota would be premature.

[Source: Just-Auto]


    I understand from unnamed sources that the information comes from officials who are being paid secretely by GM executives to tarish Toyota. The confirmation of this is neither accepted or rejected by the NHTSA.