Rush Limbaugh Rips On The Chevrolet Volt

Rush Limbaugh Rips On The Chevrolet Volt

Everyone’s favorite blowhard talk radio host tore into the Chevrolet Volt, criticizing it as a product that “nobody wants”. Rush Limbaugh, the infamous talk radio host, mocked General Motors as “Obama Motors” and criticized its range as well as its $41,000 sticker price.

Limbaugh criticized the $7,500 tax credit offered by the government, stating that “Obama and the government are admitting nobody wants this.” Limbaugh also erroneously referred to the Volt as being capable of only running on electrical power for 40 miles, ignoring or omitting the fact that it has a traditional gasoline engine that will enable it to operate once the battery is exhausted.

“That 40-mile range has to include you getting home, and staying home three to four hours to charge the thing,” Limbaugh said. “It’s (a) 20-mile range.”

Limbaugh also admitted to taking advertising money from GM when they were being bailed out by the federal government.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

  • Chad

    I agree about the tax credit. Why should I subsidize some rich guy’s ego-stroking product? You want to show off how you green you are? Use your own green to buy it.

  • BuyAmerican

    Rush the Sleazy has one agenda: Make lots of money pandering to morons. He is filthy rich which illustrates the high number of morons in the US

  • Chad

    Jealous, BA?

  • Roy

    Between fires, uncooled Lithium batteries, and storing the batteries under the car,
    it’s a big time loser in the long run.