Schumacher Rumored to Retire at Season’s End; Ecclestone Blames Mercedes

Schumacher Rumored to Retire at Season’s End; Ecclestone Blames Mercedes

When seven-time Formula One World Champion Michael Schumacher announced his return to motorsports, fans rejoiced and Mercedes was thrilled to have the best-known name in racing on its payroll. Since then, it’s been one disappointment after another, with the legend even being one-upped by his less-experienced team-mate Nico Rosberg.

All this has led to rumors of Schumacher’s end-of-season re-retirement, with three-time World Champion Jackie Steward recently commenting that he thought Schumacher’s return to racing was a poor decision.

Now Bernie Eccleston has chimed in, echoing Stewart. But instead of blaming Schumi for a less-than-stellar season, he’s blaming Mercedes. “He is obviously fit, motivated and talented but the car hasn’t been up to him,” he said in an interview with ESPN.

And knowing what sort of a competitor Schumacher is, Ecclestone commented that he can’t see Schumi sticking around if he’s not going to compete.

[Source: ESPN]

  • Chad

    Ecclestone is idiot and needs to learn when to shut his mouth. Rosberg doesn’t appear to be having any problems. Schumi simply cannot accept that he has “lost it”.

  • jennifer

    totally agree with bernie. mercedes has let schumi down. if shumi is driving the red bull.. schumi no doubt will be leading the championship board!

  • Louis

    Rosberg does not seem to have these problems! Please Maclaren engineers, tell Schumacher that the limiter is only to be used in the pitlane….