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 |  Jul 26 2010, 3:12 PM


We’ve lost track of how many recalls have been issued for the Subaru Legacy and Outback, so much so that we had to check and make sure that this story was recent and not run within the previous couple weeks.

While this currently recall, affecting 809 vehicles is relatively minor, the consecutive recalls on Subaru’s bread and butter models is a terrible PR display for the company.

The current recall only affects Outbacks with the manual transmission, a very small percentage of sales to be certain. But the recall, which is designed to correct the lack of an oil lubrication hole in the gearbox, could mean that some vehicles need third through sixth gear replaced, a very costly and time consuming procedure.

What’s worse is that the Outback and Legacy are great vehicles, so much so that Autoguide staffers have recommended them to family members looking for a new family car. This recall, as well as previous ones, like the fluid leak in the CVT gearbox, puts a damper on encouraging people to look at a good car at a good price.

[Source: Inside Line]