Team Need for Speed Drift Video Stars Matt Powers and Mad Mike [video]

Team Need for Speed Drift Video Stars Matt Powers and Mad Mike [video]

The perfect spectator sport, drifting’s rapid growth is also due to its drivers that have come to have their own celebrity-like status. Always overly enthusiastic and true characters of the sport, fans are quick to attach themselves to their favorite driver, much like their favorite basketball player or quarterback.

Will Roegge has been releasing some top-notch digital films centered around the automotive industry and this one is no different. He traveled to the first couple of Formula Drift events, capturing coverage of the Team Need for Speed Drift drivers Matt Powers (Nissan 240SX S14) and Mad Mike (Red Bull Mazda RX-7) along with interviews and highlights.

What this video shows the world is how each and every driver has such different driving styles and personalities on and off the track. But at the end of the day, they’re all still vying for the same championship and share the same passion and love for a growing sport.

Check out the fantastic video after the break.

[Source: Formula Drift]

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  • jzEllis

    love the way that RX8 sits and looks on those deep dish chrome rims…i wish more cars in formula drift would get back to the “street” roots of drifting…the cars now look like stickered up siloette cars in some cases. to much “race” not enough “drift” in the American drift scene if you ask me. that and the cars don’t have the individualistic personality of real street drift cars overseas. no flashy paint jobs, chrome/polished deep lip rims, or any of the “hey look at me” custom touches so common in Japan.