Toyota CEO Backs Plan for Supra Successor, Tells Fanboys Not to Get Excited

Toyota CEO Backs Plan for Supra Successor, Tells Fanboys Not to Get Excited

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda has confirmed his desire to develop a successor to the iconic Toyota Supra, but has also warned Supra fanboys against getting their hopes up. In an open forum with journalists in Japan, Toyoda said that while he “wants to see the next Supra tested in the near future, ” it’s unlikely considering Toyota’s current situation.

Toyoda did say that he would like to build a new sports car, “that is better than the Supra,” which is a good thing in our minds, because to say the last-gen model was a tad on the hefty side would be a gross understatement.

Instead, Toyota will focus on a return to quality, and on building the FR-S/FT-86 compact sports car, which has reportedly been delayed due to development issues.

[Source: Autoblog]

  • alastair stell

    Toyota make amongst the most boring cars ever to grace the roads. Whatever happened to the heady days of MR2’s and Supras? Instead we have over-featured, underperforming, lacklustre cars. Boring family fare. I currently own five Toyota MR2s from 1986-88. They are incredibly reliable (all have 200K+ miles on the clock) and are a complete joy to drive. They are easy to work on, simple, well made and never ever suffer from electronics failures. My next car? Probably the new VW Bluesport in about 3 years and a Honda sports saloon. The only way Toyota will fix its problems is to fire the entire board of directors and most of their middle management. Rehire the guy who invente the Mark 1 MR2.

  • bob

    too late for toyota. After owning 2 supras for a total of 21 yrs I’m shopping for a GTR.

  • Mr. Lion

    “A tad on the hefty side”? The curb weight was 3,400 lbs. Hefty compared to what, a Lotus Elise?

    The MkIV Supra was an extremely well balanced car, and Toyota went to fairly extreme (for the time) lengths to lighten it, including an aluminum hood and hollow fiber carpet.

    Unfortunately, Toyota will never again make a car that deserves to wear the “Supra” badge. If they make another sports car, it will doubtless be a half measure, underpowered waste of time, or some hybrid monstrosity.


    Three leters… L F A …

    If they made a Toyota branded version of the 2012 Lexus LF-A I’d be ok with calling it a Supra rebirth.


    Ive had 1 tt supra and 1 nat, asparated. I loved them both. Im with the rest of the world with where is the next competor of the 370z ? Nissan was very sucessful with the rebirth unlike the mazda rx8 because its performance was close to par. Now a turbocharged version is what everyone wants so i hope that they do not dissapoint. If toyota was smart they would invest and just build us a nice version it wouldnt be to hard.