Toyota Renews Trademark on Supra Name, Rumors Abound

Toyota Renews Trademark on Supra Name, Rumors Abound

In a move that is certain to create a lot of buzz in automotive circles, Toyota has re-applied for a trademark on the Supra name – perhaps suggesting a new Supra is in the works. The application was filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on July 16 after Toyota had let its trademark expire back in 2006.

Adding to the rumors is the recent announcement by Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda that he’d like to see a new Supra model and even have it tested, “in the near future.” Toyoda did, however, warn that in order to get a Supra-successor project off the ground it would require more than just his backing.

Toyota won’t speak about future product plans and instead has just commented that re-registering for the name is a common business practice – although it certainly does raise questions as obviously the only reason to re-register the name would be to use on a future project.

The folks a C&D suggest the Supra badge could be used on the production model of the FT-86 concept, but our sources have already indicated that model will get the FR-S badge.

[Source: Car&Driver]

  • Car Fan

    Another tease by Toyota for the Supra. If you build it. We will buy it if priced reasonably. Keep it around 30K.