Volkswagen to Revive Lupo Badge for Production Model of Up! Concept

Volkswagen to Revive Lupo Badge for Production Model of Up! Concept

Over the past few years, Volkswagen has unveiled numerous Up! concepts, showcasing the brand’s capabilities when it comes to interior space, electric vehicle engineering, hybrid technology and even light-weight.

Set to go on sale in 2012, the Up! Concept will revive the Lupo name, which ceased production in 2005 as the entry level model in the VW lineup, slotting in underneath the already small Polo.

According to a new report by AutoCar, the Slovakian-built new Lupo will go on sale in 2012. VW will also sell rebadged versions of the car as an Audi, Seat and Skoda.

The Lupo will be 20-inches shorter in length than the Polo, 2-inches narrower and 1.3-inches taller.

While official details are not yet known, at launch the Lupo is expected to be offered with a 65-hp 1.0-liter 3-cylinder engine and a 75-hp 1.2-liter diesel. Initially introduced as a 3-door, a 5-door model will launch later with an 85-hp 1.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder.

An electric version of the car is expected to be offered in limited markets in the United States, but VW has no other plans to bring Up!/Lupo models to North America. In fact, Volkswagen has yet to announce official plans to bring even the sub-compact Polo to North America, despite the growing popularity of smaller cars here.

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