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 |  Jul 16 2010, 8:31 AM

We’re sure you remember the recent Wall Street Journal story reporting that in all but one case it was driver error and not a mechanical or electrical fault to blame for runaway Toyotas. According to a new report by the unofficial industry watchdog The Truth About Cars, the story contained one very important error.

No, we’re not taking about reports that the story was supposedly planted by Toyota’s PR machine, but rather something WSJ reported about the data recorders found in Toyota products. If you recall, the article clearly sated that Toyota’s, “data recorders can lose their information if disconnected from the car’s battery or if the battery dies—as could happen after a crash.”

Rather than take the statement at face value, TTAC staffers made a call to Toyota HQ in Japan, where an engineer confirmed that Toyota’s Event Data Recorders use, “non-volatile memory.” In other words, it’s memory that isn’t erased in the absence of a power source, like when you remove the battery from your cell phone, replace it, and all your contacts and settings stay intact.

Just another friendly reminder to always question the facts, no matter the source.

[Source: TTAC]

  • Rob

    “Just another friendly reminder to always question the facts, no matter the source.”

    So you tested the black boxes instead of trusting Toyota then?

  • Colum Wood

    No. But we do encourage readers to question the source, even if it is AutoGuide.com

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