Winner of Audi’s Tony Stark Innovation Challenge Announced

Winner of Audi’s Tony Stark Innovation Challenge Announced

Back in April we posted about Audi teaming up with Stark Expo for the Tony Stark Innovation Challenge as a way to help promote Audi’s involvement in Iron Man 2. A winner has finally been announced with Natan Linder receiving the grand prize with his LuminAR invention. An MIT Graduate student, Linder entered the competition with high hopes and an aspiring project that really appeals to us tech-nerds.

The premise of Linder’s invention is a digital bulb with built-in Internet technology to project web content onto any surface. The addition of a robotic lamp arm makes LuminAR the ultimate mobile Internet projector. With the aid of the $15,000 grand prize, Linder plans to fully develop his innovative idea within three to five years. Though he’s a little ambitious in claiming they’ll be as popular as everyday light fixtures, we can see the appeal to the general public for something like this.

“The Tony Stark Innovation Challenge has fulfilled Audi’s goal to provide support to a forward-thinking innovator who can make the world a better place through technology,” said Scott Keogh, CMO of Audi of America. “LuminAR is a progressive product that brings technology closer to the user.”

Remember sneaking a light underneath your bed sheet to play your portable gaming system when you were young? Well, we guess the next generation will just be hanging out on the Web late at night underneath their beds. Wonder if Linder has any plans to ensure certain… entertaining web content will be viewable? We mean YouTube videos of course, get your mind out of the gutter.

Check out the video of Natan Linder’s winning innovation after the break.

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