“A Glass of Water” Can Cut Fuel Consumption Costs by 10 Percent

“A Glass of Water” Can Cut Fuel Consumption Costs by 10 Percent

We’ve all heard how important it is to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water. But how about using a glass of water to cut fuel reduction? Toyota claims that a single glass of water could help you reduce your fuel consumption costs by 10 percent.

No, you don’t have to drive around with a glass of water on the dashboard.  The idea that Toyota is putting our there is that you should drive as though there’s a theoretical glass of water sitting on the dash, which would reduce fuel consumption significantly. To get the message out there, the automaker has launched a website called “A Glass of Water.”

The imaginary glass of water doesn’t exist in your head – you can find it in your iPhone. There’s an app you can download here.  Here’s how it works: the iPhone hardware measures external forces and simulates the effect these have on a glass of water. While driving, it measures your speed, distance traveled and of course water spilled. The results are automatically uploaded to this website where you can analyze your results in more detail.

It you want to make sure you don’t drop a single virtual drop, there are things you can do to ensure you’re always topped off. Drivers can accelerate gracefully, leave plenty of distance between you and the vehicle ahead, and brake gently.

Learn all about the “A Glass of Water” challenge here to find out how you could save 10 percent on your fuel consumptions costs.

  • Chad

    No. Just…no. People don’t and won’t drive like that. The one’s that do are a hazard to the rest of us. Hey, Toyota engineers, yeah, I’m talking to you…how about a supercapacitor and an electric motor to ease the burden on the motor on take-off?

  • steve

    Toyota, I know you are having problems (some deserved, some not), but STOP TRYING TO MAKE US RELIVE THE 1970s!

    It is starting to get a bit old!