2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Spied With 6.4L HEMI V8

2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Spied With 6.4L HEMI V8

Photos of the 2011 Challenger have already appeared online ahead of the car’s official unveiling, but now we have a first look at Dodge‘s 2011 Challenger SRT8.

Outside, the biggest changes are to the lower rear fascia, the door handles and the lip spoiler. An upgraded interior will also be a part of the package.

More importantly, however, is a new 6.4-liter HEMI V8 with 480-hp and 460 ft-lbs of torque. Pricing is expected to be set at $45,601 with the new engine also making for improvements in the fuel economy department.

In the future, both acceleration and fuel economy will improve further with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

For those interested in the SE model, it gets a new Pentastar V6 displacing 3.6-liters and making 290-hp and 270 ft-lbs of torque – an increase of 40-hp and 20 ft-lbs. It’s also expected to deliver fuel economy of 20/26-mpg (city/highway) up from 18/25-mpg.

[Source: Detroit News]

  • Eoj Nayr

    How do I get that 480hp & 460ftlbs Torgue to rear wheels, what hp go to the rear Road about 340hp to 360hp, Torque about 325ft,lb to 340?

  • Joe

    That is the ugliest front spoiler I have ever seen in my life.

  • Jack

    Agree on the spoiler comment. Not good. I much prefer the one on my 2009.

  • 911shizbo

    Lol, I bet it actually has 500hp and they just rate it at 480 for what ever reason, just like how the srt-4 neon “had” 230hp but infact it actually had around 265hp.

  • MoparMadness

    Exterior is/was fantastic front splitter not withstanding.
    Interior is a horror show. I understand Chrysler is broke but
    common. They are going to ask close to 50K for a top of the line
    SRT yet the interior looks like a 98 impala or something.
    The new 3 spoke steering wheel is fugly. The new wrangler has
    an exellent 3 spoke wheel with a round hub just like the original
    challenger. The goat head has got to go. The dash & door materials
    look like a tubberware party. More mid 90’s GM rubbery dash & knob
    style. The Instrument cluster is surrounded by cheap plastic & the gauges
    look like crap. At the very least use the Jeep sterring wheel & make all
    4 gauges equal size like the original ralley dash & have a big ole clock
    on as the far right as the orginal with an amp, oil , temp on the far left . White interior with Go Green to liven up the otherwise dreary interior Oh & while I’m at it Santa offer a Damn CONVERTIBLE !!!!

  • marty loomans

    Already own a Jeep SRT8 Good runner. Thinking of buying a 6.4 Challenger but want a standard with the power to beat the camaros.Spoiler under the front bumper looks stupid.I would take it off in the parking lot if I bought that car. Marty

  • brad vanderveen

    eoj nayr, you only loose approx. 15-20% hp/torque from engine to wheels, making it roughly 408 hp and 391 torque, I owned an 04′ SRT-4 with 500 hp at the wheels and i dyno’d my car at every stage, when i went from stock clutch to an ACT clutch and flywheel i saved 10% from engine to wheels…

  • Rich Vanyo

    The steering wheel on the 2011 challenger will that fit on the 2010 challenger if so I would be willing to purchase one. They look more sporty then the 2010.

  • John sangregorio

    They changed the front spoiler to be more effective at putting down force to the front end at high speeds.. Look at some racing cars and will see how similar they are.. I think its bad ass. Much more functional.

  • Catherine

    Does anyone know why it says towing not recommended in the specs for it? I always understood the biiger the engine the more you could tow as in you cant tow with a 4 cylinder you can tow maybe up to 1000 pounds with a v6 and could usually tow 2000 with a v8 so why7 is dodge saying you cant tow with a 6.4 L V8 Engine it makes no sense to me. I wont be doing much towing BUT I do want to tow a pop up tent camper for vacations once or twice a summer and now Im thinking maybe this car sucks if uits too weak to tow despite a V8 engine. So anyone know why you can’t tow ith it or know how much you can tow IF Dodge is wrong in sayuing don’t tow?

  • jzEllis

    Catherine, Towing is not recommended because the engine although plenty big and very powerful is not designed to be stressed with high weight loads, and neither is the chassis for that matter. most engines designed or capable of towing make their power over relatively short and low power band. with towing it’s all about lots of torque at a low to mid rpm.

    plus you have to consider that this being a performance car, most of the drive train components are tough enough to handle the power output of the engine yet light enough to not sap power. this also makes them unsuitable for towing. they are more likely to fail when dealing with the added stress of heavy duty work.

    now that I’ve said all that, i really would be surprised if a SRT8 Challenger couldn’t handle 1500lbs of towing with a non boneheaded driver. the HEMI is nobodies idea of a high strung thoroughbred race motor.

  • Catherine

    Thanks for explaining jzEllis. I was actually thinking of whether it could handle the the 800-1200lb pop up camper. now I understand a bit better why towing isn’t recommended despite the fact that I always had heard all bigger engines can tow and the biiger and more powerful the engine the more it could tow. When you explain it in terms of the chasis along with the other stuff it makes mroe sense.

  • Chris

    this article is wrong on one very important part, being a chrysler tech and just having come from a mastertech meeting the 6.4l HEMI has 470 HP and 470 FT-LBS torque not 480, 460 respectively. just thought i should let you all know. re-bored wells, new piston heads, and re-designed con-rods are the contributing factor to the extra .3L if you’re wondering.