2011 Nissan Micra Spotted In Canada

2011 Nissan Micra Spotted In Canada

Before small car fans get their hopes up, we’re sorry to tell you that this 2011 Nissan Micra has no chance of coming to North America. Not for the foreseeable future at least.

It turns out that Nissan was filming a commercial for the UK Market Micra in Toronto, but had the unfortunate coincidence of parking the car right near the offices Sympatico Autos, a Canadian automotive publication. Sympatico head Michael Banovsky ran out and grabbed a couple photos so you can see what we’re missing out on.

Canada will occasionally get prototype small cars for evaluation purposes (vehicles like the Mitsubishi i have been known to spend time in both government and Mitsubishi press fleets) thanks to the country’s love of small cars. However Banovsky recieved an emphatic “no” when he inquired about the Micra’s North American prospects.

Call it sour grapes if you will, but it won’t be missed, and the looks have something to do with that sentiment.

[Source: Sympatico Autos]

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  • Chad

    Lies. They parked it there on purpose, so the shills in the media would make it go viral. And it’s ugly. Who would dare to be seen in this hideous thing?

  • helen chen

    2011 Nissan Micra has no chance of coming to North America. Not for the foreseeable future at least??? that’s a pity………

  • HollyPena

    It is a real shame that they won’t be releasing the Micra in N. America. I drove one for two weeks when I went to Ireland and it was an amazingly comfortable and roomy car. I am in the market for a new car now and was hoping to find the Micra in the US.

  • Colum Wood

    Anything is possible. Other rumors have suggested the Micra will find its way here and with the Versa already quite large for the class, don’t give up hope yet.

  • Eric H

    I like it. I want it! It would be a good little commuter!


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