Ambitious 18 Year Old Builds V10-Powered BMW Z3

Ambitious 18 Year Old Builds V10-Powered BMW Z3

Rather than wait for his parents to buy him a car for his 18th birthday, Denislav Shishev from Bulgaria took matters into his own hands by taking a wrecked BMW Z3 M coupe and transforming it into the above vehicle with help from his friends.

To begin, the ambitious 18 year old and his friends took the car to a chassis shop to straighten everything out. From there the fun began with transplanting the 5.0L V10 motor found in the current generation E60 M5. Obviously this isn’t a straight drop-in swap, so Shishev and his boys went to the custom fabrication department modifying everything including the transmission tunnel to ensure everything was done properly the first time.

From there the chassis was reinforced and stiffened with a custom cage that was welded in. After all the fabrication work was done, the chassis was powdercoated a fresh coat of white and then the car was transported for the exterior work. Most of us would be happy there, but Shishev had plenty more up his sleeve.

Once the exterior body parts were installed, including a vented hood, the vehicle received the widebody treatment. And what we really dig about this widebody is that it isn’t too excessive at all and actually flows with the natural bodylines of the vehicle. It’s very nicely executed without going overboard.

The custom paint scheme was then laid down and your usual alignment and dyno tuning was performed as the finishing touches. And if that wasn’t cool enough, Denislav has also built himself an E30 sporting the V8 from an E39 M5.

[Source: Denislav’s Blog via Jon Sibal]

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