Axis Styling Honda Fit Has Type-R Written All Over It

Axis Styling Honda Fit Has Type-R Written All Over It

Even though it seems like the glory days of modifying Hondas and Acuras are over, the Fit has done a surprisingly good job at ushering in a new era of Honda tuning. Out in Japan, the Fit is actually a very popular platform among the tuning community and Axis Styling’s Fit is one we really dig.

Playing off of a Type-R style build, Axis Styling’s Fit sports a real clean body kit (from Axis Styling of course) that is definitely something we could see from Honda as a Type-R model. It’s clean and not overdone, though the rear spoiler is sort of odd. The taillights have been tinted and the car sits nicely on a set of 17-inch Work Emotion XT7 wheels, also in white.

Though it may sound weird to ever see or hear of a Fit Type-R, it’d be interesting to see Honda pack a bigger punch in the eco-car with some stylish good lucks and better handling.

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  • jzEllis

    whats is really so weird about a Fit type R? as if a civic type R was any different? or a Integra type R? all small very efficient economy cars that just happen to be fun to drive…NONE of the where quick, nor were they really intended to be. just good corner carving high rev loving cars. in fact the Fit fits more into “classic” the TYPR R mold than any of hondas current compacts.

    i say bring it on! i’d buy one!