Baby FT-86/FR-S to be Based on Toyota GRMN FR Hot Hatch Concept

Baby FT-86/FR-S to be Based on Toyota GRMN FR Hot Hatch Concept

Several months ago the first reports of a “baby” FT-86/FR-S rear-drive sports car emerged and now that project is taking shape. Toyota has reportedly begun the work of building this lower cost alternative to the FR-S as a tribute to chief test driver Hiromu Naruse, who died recently while testing a Lexus LFA in Germany.

The new car would also be a front-engine, rear drive model and will be based on the GRMN Hot Hatch Concept that was first shown at the Tokyo Auto Salon earlier this year. Based on the Toyota Aygo this concept features a Daihatsu rear-drive setup and a 1.5-liter engine making around 100-hp. That’s not much, but the car is expected to weight right around the 2,000 lb mark. The hatch body will be tossed in favor or a coupe profile and to add to the package, Toyota will also maintain the concept’s race-ready double wishbone rear suspension. Toyota is said to be targeting a 1.4 million yen price point (roughly $15,000).

[Source: AutoCar]

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  • Shane Chauhan

    I’m not on sure about the white on white color scheme going on in the picture. Really doesnt do the concept justice. Actually come to think of it the whole bodykit is a bit too over the top in my opinion

  • jzEllis

    Finally! sombody gets it!! a light RWD CHEAP coupe for the masses! all thats needed now is for some decent styling (hopefully 100 better than the hatch monstrosity in the pics) and good aftermarket support! if they make it, i will retire my heavily modded 05 GTO to weekend duty, and start driving a well tweaked RWD toyota!

  • Lord Awesome

    Shane, did you know you can get the same car in different colours? Amazing, isn’t it? And this isn’t the final design either…maybe you wana try reading the entire article before commenting? Or do you have difficulty diong that?

  • Jonny_Vancouver

    Yup yup.