Buick Looking To Expand Model Lineup To 6-7 Vehicles

Buick Looking To Expand Model Lineup To 6-7 Vehicles

General Motors is looking to expand the Buick lineup to between 6 or 7 vehicles from its current 4. Buick is looking to add product as it attempts to lure buyers away from import luxury brands and attract a much younger audience as it shed its image as a car for retirees.

Among the products Buick is looking to introduce are the Chevrolet Cruze-based Verano compact, a hybrid version of the Lacrosse and a small crossover below the Enclave. Buick is also reportedly looking at introducing a full-size rear-drive sedan that may revive the Park Avenue nameplate.

The decision to jettison the Pontiac nameplate over Buick, which was perceived as a brand thats customer base was literally dying off, but Buick’s incredibly strong image in China, as well as their infusion of new product has led many to feel that the General made a smart choice.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • Chad

    Why? Retirees have more money than the younger set. And, progressively, there will be more and more people in this country that are retirees as a proportion of the whole population.