Buick Verano Compact Coming in 2012, Encore Compact Crossover to Follow

Buick Verano Compact Coming in 2012, Encore Compact Crossover to Follow

In 2012 Buick will expand its lineup further down-market, introducing the Verano compact below the Regal. Riding on the same architecture as the Chinese Buick Excelle (and Chevy Cruze), several engines are possible. For starters it could be offered with the Cruze’s 1.4-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder, but a more likely candidate is the 181-hp turbocharged 1.6-liter currently offered on the Excelle GT in China.

After this model debuts we’ll see Buick unveil a compact crossover called the Encore. The basis for this vehicle is not entirely known, with different sources claiming it will be based on the Cruze architecture, while others suggest it will run on the upcoming Aveo platform – suggesting it will be a small vehicle indeed.

In related Buick news, before 2012 we’re set to receive a hybrid version of the LaCrosse and past 2012 GM has indicated plans to build a new Buick flagship based on the same platform as the upcoming Cadillac XTS.

[Source: Motor Trend]

UPDATE: Buick Verano Revealed, Get the Full Story Here

  • adaval

    looking for a picture and some spec on the new 2012 Buick Encore mini SUV. Very anxious to see if you are going to keep the width of the Buick Enclave and just shorted the vehicle up. . .. Sure hope so.. . Need to keep the BUICK standards. . .

  • adaval

    Someone posted why would GM build another small SUV when they had the GM terrain. Well one big reason is we Buick lovers are hoping that Buick will come through with a very special build for the Buick Encore. Buick says it’s going to be the mini of the Buick Enclace, I hope Buick means what it says and follows through with all the finer things that Buick has to offer that makes a Buick stand out as a Buick a class of their own. It Buick plans to follow the foot steps of ALL the other mini SUV’s then they may as well stay home. We are looking for all the class of the Buick Enclave with the width is the main thing to set the Buick Encore apart from all the other mini SUV’s. We are also looking for the comfort and beauty of the interior of the Buick. Waiting with much anticipation to see what Buick is going to build for us who love Buick and want to remain a Buick owner.

  • adaval

    So now the new mini Buick Enlave Suv has a name the “Encore”. From the sounds of what I am hearing it’s going to be “small” maybe too small, if it is smaller than the Equinox and the GMC Terrain then you are pushing your buyers over to the Ford Edge, which has more width than the other two I just named. If you go smaller than the Terrain and the Equinox then the new Encore will NOT be a good seller to all persons like you want it to be. The width will definitely be the selling point and the mark of a Buick. So guess we will just have to wait and see.

  • adaval

    Was good to see a posting as late as Aug 2010 on the new Buick Encore. I am hoping to see some specks on the new Crossover SUV soon. My lease is up in Aug 2011, I was hoping to move back into a Buick the mini SUV, I know now that is not going to happen but hope it’s on the horizon for my next lease.

  • adaval

    It is now January 12, 2011 and it does not look like we are going to see the Buick Encore at the Detroit Auto Show, so must not be coming out in 2011 as so many of us had hoped. So, guess we wait even longer to get a look at the new Buick mini SUV Encore. . . Might just have to buy something else, real shame. . .

  • Patty Hood

    I am in agreement with some of the other comments about the new upcoming Buick Encore. I hope it is a smaller version of the Enclave with the same width. I have tried out the Enclave but it is just too long for what I need and want. I have been a Buick owner for the last 30 years and would like to continue being one. I own a 2002 Buick LeSabre limited right now that I bought brand new so I have had it 10 years. One of the reasons I have kept it so long is that I don’t know which car or SUV I want. I am going to buy something though in 2012. I will wait to see what the Encore is like. I hope it gets great gas mileage, too.

  • Gerald K. Stevens

    Bought a 2008 Enclave in May of 2007. Wonderful vehicle if you have kids and need all that space. I do not and want Buick to offer a downsized Enclave, 5 passenger, wide footprint with all the luxury standards that exist in my current Enclave.
    Regarding powertrain, we need better milage performance by downsizing the engine to a smaller 6, stay with the 6 speed transmission, 7 speed is not the answer to better MPG.
    I plan to keep my 2008 for another year, possibly two, if the Encore comes out similar to this description I would buy it as my experience with the 2008 Enclave has been outstanding.

  • Wayne Shunamon

    I have been waiting for Buick to offer a luxury 5 passenger SUV with the same options available on the Buick Enclave. I currently drive a 2008 AWD Pontiac Torrent GXP which I enjoy very much, however my next SUV must offer comfort and quiet, something Buick offers. One item which is extremely important is multidirectional power seats for both driver and passenger. I have been driving General Motors vehicles for over 40 years and buy upper end models. In the past I have owned three Cadillacs and would purchase the Cadillac SRX today but cannot have it serviced in my area, I would have to drive an hour and a half to a Cadillac dealer – this does not work. Build the Buick Encore about the size of the equinox and offer one model with all the luxury Buick has to offer and you will have a winner. Fuel mileage is important but do not make it underpowered and do not make it too small. I will be buying another new vehicle in 2012 so please don’t force me to look at the competition.

    Thank You