EVO Magazine Compiles A List Of Michael Schumacher’s Most Shameful Moves

EVO Magazine Compiles A List Of Michael Schumacher’s Most Shameful Moves

Michael Schumacher, 7 time Formula 1 world champion and current driver for the Mercedes GP team, has always come under fire for his less-than-graceful attempts at punting his rivals off the track.

His latest effort to pass former team mate Ruebens Barichello and subsequently s put him into the wall have inspired a new round of outrage, spurring EVO magazine blogger Roger Green to compile a “greatest hits” list of Schumacher’s worst moves.

Michael Schumacher is a polarizing figure in the Formula 1 world, and whether you love him or hate him, it’s hard to argue with his statistical dominance of the sport. Whether he’s truly the best driver of all time is another matter.

[Source: Evo Magazine]

  • Chad

    He was handed as many wins as he earned. Team orders. It was always about Schumi. Why anyone would have agreed to be his teammate is beyond me, when team orders always dictated that you would be a blocker so schumi wouldn’t have to work for a victory. He is a git and needs to be exposed for what he is.

  • Graham Radermacher

    Get a grip, stop fighting “1 world cup & 2 world wars”, Schumacher screwed up no doubt so stop bashing him,he has been given his penalty! F1 is oh so not “British” anymore and I feel this is what irks British F1 fans, Schumacher had the “Gall” to be a GERMAN 7 times world champion.So they will hammer away at that ‘bloody Jerry’. When Hamilton was allegedly Molar behind the wheel of his Merc in Australia there was hardly a murmur from the British press.Double standards? If Schumacher is so irrelevant, so useless, so last century, his performance or lack thereof will naturally deal with him and he will naturally leave F1.Why not give the ‘top 6’ drivers of 2010 more airtime? Get a grip I tell you!!P.S. My granny was a Brit & grandad a Jerry so I am not an Anglophobe, just want some sort of balanced reporting.