HKS Supercharged Honda CR-Z Looks Promising On The Dyno [video]

HKS Supercharged Honda CR-Z Looks Promising On The Dyno [video]

With the Honda CR-Z just hitting dealerships, plenty of excitement is brewing with all the aftermarket goodies that have already been designed and developed over in Japan. HKS has been producing high quality products for a variety of Japanese vehicles for decades and now they’re focusing on their line of GT Superchargers. And what better way to make the news than to manufacture a supercharger for the upcoming Honda CR-Z hybrid?

Currently HKS’s supercharged CR-Z makes around 170-hp, which is more than respectable for a hybrid. How it affects gas mileage, we’re not sure, since no numbers have been released. But given that it’s all in its infancy, we can expect tuners both in Japan and America to really take advantage of HKS’s GT Supercharger to push power beyond 200 while maintaining mpg when power isn’t needed.

Check out the video of the CR-Z on the dyno after the break. It’s clearly in a fast forward frame rate, but you still get the idea.

Video available after the break.

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  • Huyunyundai

    Why does this look promising? Is it because you guys cannot tell the difference b/t a video at a normal speed versus one played back at 4X?

  • Rob is reporting 170hp from this? Wow.

  • agonu

    It’s no surprise really because the basic 1.5 liter Honda engine can be pushed upward of 200 hp in N/A form, so supercharging definitely help, but I think variable small turbo would probably better for fuel consumption.

  • amped


    It’s promising because its almost a 50% gain in HP over stock numbers just by putting on a supercharger. Way better than getting a 15%-20% gain from a turbocharger or supercharger on a crappy Tiburon.

  • Darthanis

    GT Supercharger Kit for CR-Z is under development. This is a shortened video of dyno setting of the kit.

    * Caution) Since it is shortened, it sounds like F1. The actual GT Supercharger Kit does not sound like this.”

    Well that was misleading…

  • danwat1234

    I wonder how much additional power is given when the “Sport+” button is pressed in the 2013 CRZ