Honda Canada Denies Insight, Civic Hybrid Getting Axed – For Now

Honda Canada Denies Insight, Civic Hybrid Getting Axed – For Now

In response to rumors that Honda‘s Canadian division would axe the low-selling Insight and Civic Hybrid, Honda Canada has issued a statement confirming plans to continue sales of the two models… for now.

We contacted Honda Canada and received a message from PR boss Richard Jacobs confirming the models for the future, but the “official statement” also included an important qualifying statement.

Calling the rumor just what it is, Jacobs says there is currently a six month supply of both models. “Honda Canada is planning to offer both Insight and Civic Hybrid as 2011 model-year units, and we have no plans to discontinue either model.”

That sounds quite certain, however, also included in Honda Canada’s official position is the statement that, “Honda Canada will listen to the voice of our customers and will bring the products they want. If there is market demand for Insight and Civic Hybrid, we will bring the appropriate supply.”

That’s less reassuring, as demand is obviously the key issue here with sales of just 748 Insight models and 643 Civic Hybrids so far this year indicating that Canadian’s are not interested in either model.

  • Chad

    Translation: We will continue to produce this car that very few people really want, because it allows us to sell more of the other cars that people really want — because they are buying them — that have better performance, bigger interior, and are generally superior vehicles to these electric boxes that the tree huggers won’t even buy.