Honda Civic Engine Swap Fail: Staged But Still Hilarious [video]

Honda Civic Engine Swap Fail: Staged But Still Hilarious [video]

If you’ve ever performed an engine swap you probably have your fair share of funny or scary stories to share. Recently we ran across this video, and despite it probably being staged, it’s still funny mostly because we can relate. Anyone that has ever taken apart a car always anticipates the worst and well, this video is probably the worst.

It looks like these guys were swapping in a new motor in a Honda Civic, which these days has become pretty easy and straightforward. But as the guy unbolts the last engine mount bolts, the motor drops and along with it goes the front bumper, headlights and everything else imaginable in that vicinity. It’s clearly staged since no one would be unbolting headlights or even a front bumper for an engine swap, but we gotta love the end tag line stating that cherry pickers are for wimps anyway.

Video after the break.

[Source: FailBlog]


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