HumanCar Reminds Us Of The Flintstones, Hardly The Way Of The Future

HumanCar Reminds Us Of The Flintstones, Hardly The Way Of The Future

The Flintstones started off in 1960 and portrayed life in the Stone Age where cars were simply powered by your feet. The jokes are plentiful and anyone that’s ever done a swap on a car or gutted one out has sure to step inside their engine bay and pretend to run in order to power their vehicle by their legs. So how is it that a television show about the past actually relates to a car of the future?

The HumanCar Imagine PS is the product of U.S. engineer Charles Greenwood. The vehicle is powered by up to four hand cranks and the lucky drivers and passengers power the wheels by pulling and pushing the levers. So sure, it’s not quite holes in the floorboard a la Flintstones-style, but this really isn’t much different.

HumanCar reports that the vehicle can be powered by one or two people and can be turned into a hybrid so it can just be… like a normal car? We’re not really sure where this is going, but we could see it perhaps being a fun sport to watch, but an actual car on the road? C’mon now – where’s the cars we envisioned that would drive themselves? Not the ones that take more manual labor to operate.

[Source: CNet News]

  • Chuck

    Please do a bit more research Mr. Siu as this vehicle is a bionic-human hybrid and the highest output human powered mobile power station in the world in one design.

    Perhaps your title is more appropriate as “The Jetsons”. We understand entertainment style news is focused on 5th grade reading comprehension but would advise a bit higher level of sophistication in researching the vehicle. The worldwide press is getting the point: do you wish to be responsible for placing AUTOGUIDE into a ‘low-mentality’ grade of publications? We will help you out, please read this article it’s clever and alludes to your baseline perspectives quite well. Our site is loaded with facts and that’s what we work with exclusively: facts not television parallels as ‘outside time’ in an integral component to the HumanCar experience.

    This letter will be reposted in a press release if removed. Thank you for reading.

    Chuck G.
    CEO HC Inc.

  • Jason Siu

    Hi Chuck,

    My apologies on behalf of AutoGuide for even having the audacity to speak our opinion on your project by referencing one of America’s favorite namesakes. But it appears that we aren’t the only ones that share the same sentiments and thoughts, as a quick search revealed plenty of pages that reference HumanCar to The Flintstones.

    By all means do I personally applaud you for the project – I think it’s great. But please realize from an editorial point-of-view, there’s nothing else that strikes up a conversation than the idea of a vehicle that requires more manual labor than pushing a gas pedal to move.

  • Chuck

    Thanks for the reply, indeed in many languages the Bedrock analogy is used- that’s fine, in fact from a psychological perspective it’s the ‘vehicle’ to getting the permanent impression to stick like velcro in memory. From a branding perspective that’s worth a zillion dollars to a start-up company. The cranium thread misses points of national security tied into resource dependence (ask James Woolsey about HC) so kind of kicks itself out of serious discussion threads. We have a film crew on site from Germany tomorrow and will be able to break out much of the hard science behind the project there. We will document the crew documenting us and make this video available. We’d be happy to ping you ( AUTOGUIDE ) as one of the first to get the link.

    Thanks Jason,

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