Jaguar XJ75 Concept Debuts at Pebble Beach; Do Customers Want a Pimped-Out Jag?

Jaguar XJ75 Concept Debuts at Pebble Beach; Do Customers Want a Pimped-Out Jag?

There’s no doubt that with the new XJ, Jaguar decided to leave behind its decades old approach of building the same old vehicle in order to take on the luxury saloons of Germany with something fresh and new that would appeal to less traditional Jag customers. Taking that approach to the next level is the XJ75 Concept, presented today on the Concept Lawn at Pebble Beach during the annual Concours d’Elegance.

With an aggressive aero kit, blacked out grille, tailpipes, wheels and even Jag emblems, the exterior still isn’t as surprising as the interior. Much like the outward appearance, the cabin takes a black and white approach with seriously high-grade materials and quilted black Alcantara seats that look straight out of a Lamborghini. This youthful approach really meshes well with the Jag’s high-tech features.

Jag is using this concept to test the waters and see if the new group of customers would be interested in something a bit more wild and a bit more expensive. A Jag representative on hand told us that so far the new Jag approach is working with first month sales of the new XJ in the U.S. exceeding those of the past XJ for the previous 12 months! Better yet for Jag, 80 percent of those customers are new to the brand.

Are you a current or prospective Jag customer? Would you buy this car? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment.

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  • Max T

    I don’t know about you, but I’d buy this car!

  • Dawn

    I am a current Jaguar owner (S-Type) and have always been committed to driving a Jag. Unfortunately this new batch are so ugly and have no traditional distinguishing features like the Jaguars I love. Why does each series look like a sports car? I am so disappointed. The one plus in all of this is that I now have a reason to seriously consider a Bently as my next car.

  • mb

    If i had won a lottery i’d have this for sure! how about a Daimler XJ??

  • 3TJOhn

    I have a customer interested only on the aerokit do you guys sell just the aerokit?. Please let me know. Thanks