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 |  Aug 10 2010, 11:06 AM

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After coming under for instituting a bizarre lease scheme that restricting Lexus LF-A buyers from even holding title to the car, the brand has decied to allow customers to purchase the car  outright- however if they decide to sell, they must offer the car to dealers first, at current market value, or sticker price, or whichever is lower. If they don’t, owners could be liable for the difference in price, as well as any legal fees needed to recoup the costs.

Lexus has previously claimed that they want the car to be in the hands of individuals who will be seen driving it, rather than letting it sit in a private collection, or speculators who want to sell the car at a fat profit.

Lexus VP of Sales Brian Smith “damaging the ownership experience”. “If someone buys it in the first month and then decides to sell it, that could be damaging for the ownership experience,” he said. “If it is not controlled and hits the speculation market, all bets are off. We want people out driving the car and not parking it in a museum or selling it at an inflated price.”

Customers can still lease the LF-A but must pay the entire amount up front, rather than the traditional practice of monthly installments.

[Source: Autocar]