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  • John E. Buckingham

    Oh my god, that sweet little girl is absolutely beautiful and precious! I hope one day that I have a little girl who looks exactly like her! I hope that little girl gets MANY MORE acting jobs in the future because she is SO cute. God bless her!

  • Dave

    This is the absolute best tv commercial I have ever seen in my 50 years. Hands down.

  • Cindy Allton

    The cutest commercial I’ve ever seen. Everytime it comes on my husband and I crack up, we stop in our tracks to see this commercial everytime its on. I never get tired of wataching this TV commercial. The message says alot. We always mimick “Daddy Okay”. after we see it.

  • lobo ray

    Reminds me of our daughters first day back to school her Sophomore year. Her brother was off to college and she now had to drive herself to school. I just love this commercial and never tire of watching it.

  • trina kriss

    Wonderful ad..the little girls timing and attitude toward her dad is spot endearing, but sends the right message too..LOVE IT!!!

  • Joe Bowker

    Beautiful child, but I wanted to see the Teenager that plays her at 16. What a doll and what a really nice voice. A family argument over the best looking teens on TV and if this girl, don’t know her name, can’t find her, but she is an absolute doll. I asked for Subaru Teen. Why can’t I find her?

  • Mary Titus

    The first time I saw this commercial I thought ‘What, he’s sending this little girl out in this car.’ Then it all came together. Beautiful.

  • Jasmine


  • George Friend

    Lanna is the second most beautiful woman I have ever seen (after the young Ingrid Bergman). Thank you for showing me that a TV commercial can so light up my life.
    BTW my 50-something daughter just bought a new Subaru, and I am glad,

  • Adrianam12

    yeap… I confess.. I teared up watching this ad… but come on!!! it makes one think… I do not look forward to this day… but yes, I feel like checking Subaru cars up now… and so what? from marketeer to marketeer ūüėȬ†

  • Uva63

    Love it!  Everything about the ad evokes strong feelings of the good things in life.  May they endure!



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