No Chevy Cruze SS Model Planned? Not so Fast

No Chevy Cruze SS Model Planned? Not so Fast

With the launch of the new Chevy Cruze, rumors have already started popping up about a possible SS model. And why not; the Cobalt got an SS model and while the initial offering wasn’t overly special, the final turbocharged version was so impressive it could hand it to an EVO on a racetrack.

But according to Chevy marketing boss Jim Campbell a Cruze SS isn’t coming. And if Chevy was planning an SS like the stickered-up model sold in Singapore, then were happy we’ll never see it. But wait, Campbell only said that there won’t be one of the 2011 model year and considering how production cycles work, that makes complete sense. And besides, it doesn’t have to wear the SS badge to be a performance car.

The folks at Jalopnik who interviewed Campbell suggest that if Ford does decide to deliver on a high-powered Focus then a more potent Cruze looks like a reality. And guess what? Ford is set to deliver a performance Focus using EcoBoost technology, and they’ve already said it will be offered globally.

[Source: Jalopnik]

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  • KobaltSS

    O well Chevy! Looks like I finally am done with you! Ford is lookin pretty good right about now. BTW I drive a cobalt SS

  • Nick Sansoni

    I say Yes…to a Cruze SS model or a specal edition Cruze SS
    GM should compete with all the world competition for mid-size vehicles
    sold in the U.S.A. and be the best.
    After all we have the best techmnology in the world. Lets use it for the people of the United States of America

  • Missguided64

    Make it a two door hatch back with all the sports features and I will buy one!!!