Robot Arm Takes Driving Simulator To A Whole New Level

Robot Arm Takes Driving Simulator To A Whole New Level

So you’ve spent a few hundred bucks and got yourself a driving simulator with a Sparco racing seat and Fanatec’s steering wheel, shifter and pedal combo. And as great as it is, it just doesn’t simulate the coolest part of racing: the actual movement and shifting of your body with plenty of actual force pushing against your organs. Apparently a few engineers out at the Max Planck Institute of Biological Cybernetics (zzz…) had the same problem and decided to take things to a whole new level – literally.

Imagine taking your driving simulator way up in the air and attaching it to a gigantic robotic arm. Wait, what? Are we dreaming? Are we nuts? Nope, that’s exactly what is staring back at us in this video. These crazy engineers created what they call a CyberMotion Simulator that’s based on a Kuka KR500 6 axis robot. The simulation and control is courtesy of Matlab and Simulink while the seat is a fancy Recaro. Hook up a curved video projector and a force-feedback steering wheel and you have a whole lot of fun.

This lucky tester got to buckle himself in and go behind the wheel of a virtual Ferrari F2007 F1 race car to tackle the famed race track at Monza, Italy. The Kuka KR500 robotic arm is programmed to toss the driver around as he pilots the virtual race car around the track, simulating every bit of force that an F1 driver succumbs to. Jealous yet? You will be after you watch the video, that is if you really think you could stomach it all.

[Source: Ridelust]

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