Speeding Canadian Teen Charged After Bragging About Exploits Online

Speeding Canadian Teen Charged After Bragging About Exploits Online

A 19-year-old man near Toronto, Canada has been charged with careless driving after bragging about going 87 mph in a 25 mph residential zone.

Vladimir Rigenco was given a 2006 BMW M5 by his parents as a reward for doing well in high school. Predictably, Rigenco also had a proclivity for speeding and bragging about it online – so much so that fellow forum members expressed alarm and notified the police after one incident.

Rigenco posted a thread about speeding in a subdivision, where he wrote comments like “I hit 140 [kilometers per hour] in like 6 or less seconds lol,” and “I cant stop racing with this car.”

A forum member in the United States tipped off police, who then canvassed the neighborhood. Police eventually found an eyewitness who saw Rigenco’s unsafe driving, and decided to lay charges.

Rigenco’s lawyer Aaron Spektor claimed that Rigenco’s parents aren’t knowledgeable about cars and were unaware of the M5’s capabilities.

“What business does he have behind the wheel of an M5? A 500-horsepower car?” “Suffice it to say, it’s gone. He doesn’t have it anymore. They took it.”

[Source: The Toronto Star]

  • Jason

    They gave him an M5? Some people just have too much money.

  • Chad

    “Mom, dad, it is a BMW. That means it is a safe car. High quality. It won’t fall apart tomorrow like that Korean stuff. It gets great MPG. And look at this, it isn’t that big, so vision won’t be a problem, easy to handle. Definitely the car for me.”