Third-Gen Toyota Prius Included in Gran Turismo 5

Third-Gen Toyota Prius Included in Gran Turismo 5

Some of us real passionate gamers don’t think Gran Turismo 5 will make it to our grubby little hands anytime soon. But there’s always reason to hope that the company’s continuous delay in releasing the game is well worth the wait. This is probably not one of those highlights that makes us thankful that they delayed the release of the game, but it shows just how thorough GT5 will be.

The second generation Prius was available in Gran Turismo 4, so this isn’t exactly huge on the ‘wow’ factor, but it’s nice to know that they’re shoving in every new vehicle they possibly can to keep the game up-to-date when it’s finally released. And given just how successful the third-gen Toyota Prius is in Japan, it’s no surprise that Gran Turismo 5 will be featuring it.

It probably won’t be one of those awesomely popular cars to race, but for 3rd generation Prius owners, it’s pretty cool. We do find it thoroughly entertaining that it looks like a Nissan Versa is dusting it on the very scenic track.

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[Source: PriusChat]

  • erik the red

    How can you be in any way excited that the toyota prius is being included in GT5 when they announced that a ferrari p4 racing car would be in the game!!!!!!!??!!!

  • Eunos 500

    to this guy up here, he knows nothing about GT5, one of the reasons for the prius being in it is to be up to date, and why make a fuss over the Prius, there are others like the Hummer, Deawoo matiz or Mazda 121 that not many would be satisfied with. They are in GT5 so those who like these cars or have them in real life can drive them in the game.
    It is that simple