Twin-Turbo Ferrari Enzo to Take On Bonneville Salt Flats – With a Twist

Twin-Turbo Ferrari Enzo to Take On Bonneville Salt Flats – With a Twist

Back in 2006, Provo, UT resident Richard Lossee crashed his Ferrari Enzo at over 100 mph during a sanctioned road rally. Rather than let the car go to waste, he opted to re-build it. But with its prospective resale value shot, what could really be done with it? Richard, a.k.a. “Our Idol” decided to build a twin-turbo monster with the express purpose of assaulting the Bonneville Salt Flats. Skinny tires? Check. Parachute? Check. Lexan windows? Check. Aerodynamic nose-cone? Check.

At 11-12 lbs of boost, the Enzo is putting down 850 wheel horsepower, but the expected boost pressure will be raised to 18-19 lbs for the Bonneville Run, which should put it well into triple digits. Odds are, the original, 226 mph top speed will be absolutely decimated.

The kicker? The replacement body for Lossee’s Enzo was supplied by none other than Tifosi Extraordinaire Jim Glickenhaus. That’s right, this body was the original, unused Enzo body for the P 4/5. How cool is that?

[Source: Daily Derbi]

  • Tanner Mashburn
  • Uncle B

    astounding! American boys playing on the salt with great gasoline toys as the American economy sinks to all time lows! Better they should concentrated their technical prowess on developing transportation by any other means than imported oil! Batteries are OK, if they are rechargeable, methane burners are great – even L.P. gas, and ethanol, home grown of course is best! Whiskey , American Whiskey fueled cars, for big wins on the salt flats World records broken, on corn whiskey fuels! Domestic, patriotic, realistic, and economically wise.