Volkswagen Amarok Reportedly Headed to North America

Volkswagen Amarok Reportedly Headed to North America

Volkswagen will launch its Amarok pickup truck in North America as the brand searches out new ways to expand its product offering on this side of the Atlantic. According to a report by Car & Driver the Amarok will eventually wind-up on our shores, although it’s not expected to make the jump any time soon.

Having just launched in Europe, the Amarok starts at 26,203 Euros (given current rates of exchange that’s about $35,300) for a two-wheel drive model powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel.

If VW hopes to make a success of the truck in this market it will need to deliver more powerful engines, although with VW’s expertise in diesels the German automaker may have a lot of success with a smaller pickup in North America that’s available with a diesel engine.

We suspect that if the rumors are true then the Amarok won’t debut until the next generation of the truck – a solid 5 years away, if not longer.

Additional rumors suggest VW may also look to bring over the Caddy MPV and yet there continues to be no confirmation on a VW Polo for the U.S.

[Source: Car & Driver]

  • Jerry

    All this Amarok is another VW customized Nissan Frontier. Just like their rendition the Routag van…a Chrysler wanna be or is it the other way around. VW does “need” to complete in the truck market in the United States, but how about something that will complete with the Chevy 1500 or Dodge Ram 1500 or the Ford F-150.

    Honda built the Ridgeland or whatever it is and they have not been selling well. I’ve got two VWs in my household: wife’s 2005 VW Passat Wagon TDI; my summer car 2007 VW New Beetle Convertible. Just need a 1/2 ton VW pick-up and I’ll be set.

    Come on Volkswagen, build a truck with some balls and keep it a diesel!

  • William

    If this truck is going to make it here in the US then it will have to be at least 4 wheel drive and can’t go much higher in price, the diesel is a great Idea however.

  • mikeand cammie

    Jerry you are a tool! VW can never compete with the 1/2tons out there! Chevy, Ford, Toyota, Dodge and Nissian- No one’s buying because of the price of them, MPG and etc…

  • B@tt

    2 Wheel Drive? 2.0TDI? This is not a truck, its a VW Routan with a bed on the back. I dont think I could even haul my motorcycle trailer with this. Come on VAG, build us a truck that performs like a truck. You have the technology, you can build it. maybe if all you needed was something to pick up small shrubs from home depot this could do the trick, but I dont see much else of a use for it. Even Nissan and Toyota have gotten away from the mini truck.

  • Super-Nunya-Biz

    Hey Jerry….
    It’s a Routan…..Not a ROUTAG. C’mon, wake up!

  • Brian

    LOVE IT!!!! YES!!! VW does need a truck in the market. I personally can not wait to set my own eyes on a real live VW truck!!! Bring it on! I am sure it would do very well in the US!!!

  • Cory

    Shame on the writer of this article claiming VW needs to put in a more powerful engine. It is a small truck that would compete against say; a Ford Ranger, and if Ford ignorantly follows through on deleting it from their line up they would have a huge market. Americans need to come around to diesel engines and not just in the heavy duty truck segment, diesels are clean and efficient but since big oil controls the big three, we don’t get the option in cars or small pickups.
    I do disagree with Jerry that VW needs a full size pickup, Ford, Dodge, and chevrolet have that covered very well.

  • Bill

    That is exactly what they DON’T need to do Jerry. The full sized pickup market in the US is inundated enough. That and the fact not everyone likes the unibody a-la Avalanche design of the Ridgeline is why they aren’t selling. Conversely there are almost no light pickups in the US market save for the Frontier and Ford Ranger. There is a market for a small fuel efficient pickup that can tug a small trailer for a ride-on mower or something. I don’t need to tow a boat or an Airstream, why do I want a big truck with lousy mileage? I’m not even a V Dubber and I’d try that out. I agree that a diesel option would be good though.

  • James

    bring it to the us so it can compete with the f-150 and the 1500. All of my friends are ford and chevy people bring it as soon as possible


    It is good to have choices. Gardeners could use it and could probably tow a small utility trailer, but, for the big toys, only a 6.7 L Ram 3500 will do.Gas mileage ? 18 mpg for a 650HP torque is respectable.

  • John

    That is just what we need a $35,000 unreliable truck from the makers of the most unreliable expensive to fix, rude automaker in the world….VW SUX

  • Hank

    VW trucks would be awesome in the US, but I do think they need more power for the same price.

  • William

    If they lower the price tag and keep it a diesel, America will gobble up the Amarok. I bought a 2010 diesel Jetta a year ago after someone hit my 2004 Passat and totaled it. The jetta is averaging 49 mpg city. VW needs to bring the Amarok and the Tiquan diesel to the U.S.

  • Jan

    There’s not much room for another small truck in America. GM is giving up the Canyon and Colorado in 2012 because of low sales volumns. I hope VW doesn’t plan on a huge investment to sell this truck in the U.S.

  • Ramiro

    I’ve seen these trucks in South America when VW was parading them at launch. They are much bigger than a Frontier, they are not a toy, these are designed on the T5/6 chassis, and from what I recall will have a minumum of 800kg payload capacity, now that’s 500lbs more than my POS 08 Ram 1500 and will likely best it in ride, handling, payload and fuel economy. It’s ok guy, don’t worry, your beloved big three dinosaurs will still be available, and will likely drop in price as a result. FYI, my 1997 VW T4 Transporter carries 2600lbs with ease and get’s me 40mpg. This engineering will have been passed down resulting in a more efficient, utilitarian and logical design.
    They will come, and people will buy them.

  • Ramiro

    Woops, my mistake, payload is 2,529lbs, not 800kg as originally stated. That’s 1200lbs more than my Ram 1500 quadcab.

  • Dennis L. Engel

    I’ve been emailing VW for years asking them to bring a small truck with a diesel back to the states. It’s about time. I’ll be first in line.

  • Pearl

    Have been a Vw Lover for years still own 3-72 super beetle,93cabriolet,04 cnvt beetle-wish they would make new vw camper more people rv-ing; also if you want to make a truck make a convt like dodge did.they stopped because no-one bought it,well no-one knew about it; ones that did boughtit BOTH WOULD SELL LIKE HOTCAKES

  • Larry

    I like the looks of this truck, and the 2.0 clean diesel is a great motor with tons of torque. However, this is another example of VW bringing a vehicle to the U.S. market years after saturation from every other manufacturer. Just look at the Tiguan. A complete flop in my opinion. The market had already been saturated with the CRV and the Rav4, then enter VW with their version at twice the price? That didn’t fly, nor will it with the pick-up. This truck should have been introduced here 10 years ago.

  • marjorie

    I want the Cabrio back! The Bug is too cutsey and the Eos is too overpriced.

  • Wayne

    Loose the second set of seats, give me a bigger bed, and keep the tdi diesel… that would be a killer little truck, with some umph… an extended cab with a 6 foot bed, is something i can work with.. and actually haul what i need to. I have the car for the extra passengers if i need to.

  • George

    This is a great idea. 6500 lb towing capacity, +2500 lb payload, 35 mpg, much bigger than Tacoma/Frontier. The 2.0 displacement seems to be too small, but it has 300 lb-ft torque and 160 hp, which is adequate.

  • Poncho

    “A bigger engine to compete in the truck market…..”. You just don’t get it! They have the chance to do what the first VW truck did and that was address the need for a small, light-weight truck with great gas mileage using the diesel. There will be a HUGE demand by craftsmen for moving their tools from job to job and saving on commuting cost. Sportsman want a good gas mileage truck for going up to their camps. This is a massive hole right now.

  • Darrellway04

    I want one now!!!! Pleeeeeez!

  • fred

    If only USA would make an economical diesel truck

  • carbon delahunt

    I would like to know why smaller pick-ups are no longer sold in the U.S.. The Ford Ranger is still manufactured and sold in Central and South America. Please suggest the marketing considerations that Ford, Chevy and Dodge are employing by ignoring these smaller trucks.

  • carbon delahunt

    love you Marjorie.

  • Joe

    I’ve owned 3 VWs and have had no problems with any of them. I am also friends with many more VW owners who have driven hundreds of thousands of trouble free miles. Maybe you don’t know how to follow a maintenance schedule??

  • Vin f

    Please make it happen. Take a survey and experience the demand. 3.0 v6. Deisel. Yes