Volkswagen Looking To Buy Alfa Romeo

Volkswagen Looking To Buy Alfa Romeo

Volkswagen looks to be following a brand strategy similar to Pokemon; “gotta catch ’em all”. The company is aiming to increase its stable to 12 brands, and one of those under consideration is apparently Alfa Romeo.

While Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne denied reports that Alfa is for sale, the Italian sports car maker is considered a financial loser, selling only 100,000 cars in 2009, while bleeding funds. By contrast, Volkswagen’s SEAT brand, which is regarded as VW Group’s worst performing brand, sold 300,000 cars.

There has been analyst talk of VW using SEAT product badged as Alfa Romeos should the VW group acquire the iconic Italian car maker. While the concept seems unpalatable to die-hard Alfisti, the front-drive layouts of Alfas and VW group cars means that there would be an easy synergy between the two brands. And with Volkswagen’s fairly solid engineering and reliability, there may be an end to the notorious Alfa Romeo build quality jokes.

[Source: Reuters]


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