Volkswagen Reconfirms Amarok Not Planned for North America

Volkswagen Reconfirms Amarok Not Planned for North America

Despite reports to the contrary, Volkswagen continues to insist that the Amarok pickup truck will not see duty in the U.S. In a recent interview with Gilberto dos Santos, VW Brasil’s PR boss, InsideLine states that there is no plan to bring the German pickup to North America.

“Volkswagen is not planning currently to market the Amarok in the U.S.. It is destined for South America, Europe, Russia, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. Capacity of the General Pacheco manufacturing plant in Argentina is 100,000 units yearly, and the planned demand will be fully met. Other markets such as the U.S. and Asia are not in the company’s plans.”

There’s still hope for Amarok fans in the U.S. however, as it’s certainly seems like a strange decision for VW to not bring a pickup to the world’s largest pickup market – especially when VW is trying to hard to expand its product base here. And with VW already having a strong diesel following and room for a diesel truck in the market that isn’t a Heavy Duty rig, it seems like bringing the Amarok here would be a wise decision.

Plus, with the Amarok being built in South America it doesn’t face the prohibitive cost factor of the Euro, which stops so many high-performance VW products from crossing the pond.

The earlier Car & Driver report had indicated that the Amarok would not see U.S. shores any time soon. Perhaps that’s a hint that we’ll have to wait for the second generation of the truck. Or perhaps it’s just until Volkswagen can accommodate for sufficient supply.

Currently the Amarok is being offered with a small turbocharged diesel 4-cylinder that makes 160-hp and 295 ft-lbs of torque.

[Source: InsideLine]

  • mike shankin

    greetings vw’s decision to not bring the amarok to usa bums me out. this truck is exactly what i’ve been waiting for, small fuel efficient diesel pickup capable of towing 6,ooo#. there are many other americans looking for the same truck. wake up vw! disappointed

  • Kzat03

    I see them all over south Texas some for sale also

  • girlslovetrucks2

    I want one of these (Amarok) trucks soooo bad, and the 6spd MANUAL transmission makes it PERFECT!!!!!

  • girlslovetrucks2

    Plz email me….