Cadillac Sponsors Communist “Propaganda” Film

Cadillac Sponsors Communist “Propaganda” Film

Cadillac has announced sponsorship of a new documentary on the Chinese Communist party that has been described by some as “propaganda.” The film, titled “The Birth of the Party” was created to celebrate 90 years of the Chinese Communist Party, with the sponsorship by the American luxury brand being announced on its Shanghai website.

And as shocking as this all might seem, it’s even more alarming considering Cadillac is part of General Motors – which, if you need reminding, is owned by the U.S. government.

Cadillac is using the sponsorship agreement to help promote a long wheelbase version of the STS luxury sedan, which is sold in China as the SLS.

While it may help Cadillac sell more luxury sedan overseas, will this association with an oppressive dictatorship hurt the brand at home? You tell us.

[Source: Automobile & ChinaAutoWeb]

  • Shak

    Well technically China is a Democracy so, no this sponsorship shouldnt hurt Cadillac or GM or the US Treasury.

  • Terry

    By supporting communism, GM/Cadillac id dhooting themselves in the foot. I will never by a GM again in my life.

  • Terry

    @Shak; “Well technically China is a Democracy”. Wow, you are so wrong. How are they a Democracy? Do they vote for their leaders? Do they have freedoms like we do? The United States is not a Democracy, it is a REPUBLIC. Hit the history books Shak.