Chevrolet Cruze EV To Begin Testing In South Korea

Chevrolet Cruze EV To Begin Testing In South Korea

General Motors plans to launch a fleet of Chevrolet Cruze-based electric vehicles in Korea, but the company says that there are no plans to sell such a car in the United States.

GM is partnering with Korean conglomerate LG to develop the battery technology needed to make the Cruze EV a reality. A range of 100 miles is said to be possible and according to one GM spokesperson, “provide real-world data on customer acceptance of battery electric vehicles, studying driving patterns and charging behavior.”

“This Cruze EV demonstration project reinforces GM’s commitment to being a leader in the development of electric vehicles and green technologies, building on our portfolio of hybrids and the Chevrolet Volt,” said Karl Stracke, vice president of GM global vehicle engineering, in a statement.

The Cruze EV is apparently not slated for production, but it should give us a good look at the company’s plans once the Chevrolet Volt has been launched.

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[Source: Inside Line]


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