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 |  Sep 06 2010, 11:55 AM


Go ahead and raise your hand if you’ve made a ridiculous bet while out drinking with a few of your friends. Admit it, we all have and most of the time we never follow through and just hope everyone else forgot about the night before. But not Li Guiwen. This army driver from Beijing stuck to his word after making a drinking bet with buddies. The bet? To set a world record by driving across two rows of beer bottles for close to 200 feet.

It took eight minutes and 28 seconds for the imitation Toyota Camry to set the record, as Guiwen steered across 1,798 bottles. And apparently this isn’t the first time Guiwen has attempted to set the record. Back in 2009, he made an attempt, but due to the rain the vehicle slipped off the bottle track. “Since the failure last year, I have been training constantly,” Guiwen said.

We find it more entertaining that a bunch of people had to consume those 1,798 beer bottles for this achievement – and wonder how many more silly bets were made during that process. Let’s hope Guiwen didn’t make any attempts under the influence, eh?

[Source: Orange News]