Chrysler Fires 13 Workers At Jeep Plant Over Workplace Intoxication

Chrysler Fires 13 Workers At Jeep Plant Over Workplace Intoxication

It’s a common truism that unionized auto workers have the most secure jobs in the world. But 13 Chrysler line workers caught drinking and smoking marijuana during their lunch break better start looking for new jobs.

Chrysler has announced that the dirty dozen (and one other poor shmuck) have been fired for their actions. Their behavior was a massive embarrassment for the company, since it was documented and broadcast by Fox News, a network that’s not exactly an ally of the UAW or government-owned Chrysler. To add insult to injury, the workers were employed at the same plant that President Obama visited just weeks ago, where he praised the workers, and the new Jeep Grand Cherokee that’s built there.

Chrysler even issued a statement, which you can see below the jump

[Source: Chrysler]

A statement from Chrysler…

Chrysler Group has completed its investigation of the Jefferson North employees recently suspended for inappropriate conduct during their lunch period. It has been determined that 13 employees engaged in behavior that violated the Company’s Standards of Conduct and these 13 employees were discharged today. Two remaining employees will receive a one month disciplinary layoff without pay.

As is evidenced by the swift action taken in this matter, it should be clear that Chrysler Group will not tolerate such behavior and will continue to evaluate its protocols to ensure that something like this does not happen again.

Our customers can be assured that the Jefferson North Assembly Plant has implemented a comprehensive quality system for all of the vehicles it builds. This system has redundant controls that do not allow a single person’s error to result in a quality problem flowing to the customer. In fact, early warranty results indicate that the quality performance from the launch of the new Grand Cherokee may be the best launch in the history of Chrysler for vehicle reliability.

It is unfortunate that the actions of a few people have called into question the reputation of more than 51,000 very proud, hard-working Chrysler Group employees, grateful that the American and Canadian taxpayers gave us a second chance. We take that responsibility very seriously and will work to restore the public’s faith.