Chrysler Plant Workers Caught Drinking, Getting Stoned (Video Inside)

Chrysler Plant Workers Caught Drinking, Getting Stoned (Video Inside)

Stories of domestic auto workers showing up to work inebriated, and displaying reckless disregard for the integrity of their job are legion among a generation of consumers who swore off American cars in favor of imports. But that was the pre-internet era, where evidence was mostly anecdotal.

Now, The Truth About Cars, via Fox News, has a mountain of documented proof that UAW workers do, in fact, get drunk and stoned on the job. A Chrysler plant worker apparently tipped off a local Fox News affiliate that a bunch of workers were getting f!$&ed up on the job every single day for a period of ten days. On their lunch hour.

The video is pretty self-explanatory, and we want to make it clear that this is only a group of bad apples among a community of hard working Americans who are working hard to help turn Chrysler around. The problem is that the job security and culture of entitlement fostered by some elements allows for this situation to happen. With Chrysler owned by the taxpayers of America, and a slate of new products on the way that will ostensibly rescue the company, this is the last thing the beleaguered automaker needs.

[Source: The Truth About Cars]

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  • Jim A. Crawford

    And now I see why my Chrysler vehicle has so many problems. I guess the guys who put it together were probably drunk or stoned. And I am sure not to purchase another. and sorry for it.

  • Jon

    It’s really not new news, UAW’s getting stoned and buzzed on their breaks. Unions, while necessary, have gotten too powerful.