EcoBoost Documentary Designed to Prove High-Tech V6 is Up to The F-150 Challenge

EcoBoost Documentary Designed to Prove High-Tech V6 is Up to The F-150 Challenge

Built Ford Tough is a slogan that’s run for years and given that we still see tons of 20 plus year old F-series trucks on the roads, even here in the rust belt, there must be some truth to that statement. Now, having introduced its 3.5-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost as an option in the 2011 F-150, Ford is doing everything it can to illustrated that this high-tech engine can withstand the worst that’s thrown at it, in an effort to quell any doubts among truck fans.

As a result, the company has put together a multi-part documentary, in which it highlights the trials and tribulations of a particular EcoBoost engine. Narrated by renowned TV personality Mike Rowe (American Chopper; Dirty Jobs), the series begins with a randomly selected engine, that’s flogged on the Dyno for 13,000 hours and subjected to the equivalent of 150,000 miles and 10 years of hard use, under extreme temperatures and loads. Bolted into a random F-150 Crew Cab at the Kansas City Assembly plant, the truck is currently on display at the Texas State Fair, before traveling to Oregon, where it will be put to use hauling logs. That same truck will then be sent down to Homstead Miami Speedway, where it will pull two Ford Fusion race cars around the track at full throttle for 24 hours.

Once that task is completed, the engine will be removed and installed in a purpose built F-150 race truck that will compete in the Baja 1000. Once that truck finishes the race, the engine will be torn down and inspected to see how it held up. Sounds more exciting than most things on TV today if you ask us.

Click on the video below to watch the first installment of this series. Plus read AutoGuide’s 2011 Ford F-150 Review by Clicking Here

[Source: Ford Motor Company]

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