Ferrari Enzo Successor Will Use Hybrid Technology

Ferrari Enzo Successor Will Use Hybrid Technology

Ferrari‘s next supercar and the successor to the Enzo will use hybrid technology. “That car will incorporate the state of the art of our knowledge in terms of increasing performances while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. It will then influence all Ferraris that appear after it,” said Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo in an interview with AutoWeek.

It will use technology similar to that previewed in the HY-KERS 599 Concept that debuted at the Geneva Auto Show earlier this year; which itself is derived from the kinetic energy recovery system used in Formula One last year. The AutoWeek report states that the next Enzo is also quite likely to be smaller than past Ferrari supercars, with the exotic Italian automaker looking to save weight not just through the use of light weight composite components, but through a complete downsizing process.

Past reports have debunked rumors that the Enzo could use a twin-turbo V6 and even a twin-turbo V8 seems unlikely. The “next Enzo” is due out in 2012.

[Source: AutoWeek]


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