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 |  Sep 01 2010, 12:33 PM

Ferrari is quietly recalling 1,248 of its 458 Italia supercars due to a fire hazard that has seen multiple well publicized incidents of the 458 Italia catching on fire.

The fire risk has been a massive embarrassment for Ferrari as a number of blogs and even the BBC have been closely following the numerous fires with photo galleries and blog updates that brought the issue into the public’s eye.

The fires are allegedly caused by adhesive used to secure the wheel arch. The adhesive can cause the wheel arch to fall off and hit the exhaust, and high temperatures can also cause the adhesive itself to catch fire. Ferrari will replace the adhesive with mechanical fasteners.

Ferrari is attempting to do damage control by informing owners personally rather than making an announcement publicly, and will replace the burnt-down 458′s free of charge, provided the fires were started by the adhesive.

[Source: Auto Express]