Fiat 500 TwinAir Debuts as a Two-Cylinder, High-MPG Urban Solution [Paris 2010]

Fiat 500 TwinAir Debuts as a Two-Cylinder, High-MPG Urban Solution [Paris 2010]

Sure there are lots of high-powered V8, V10 and even V12s at the Paris Auto Show, but as you likely know most Europeans put around in tiny displacement engines. Well, Fiat is hoping its home market will be receptive to a further down-sizing with the release of the new 500 TwinAir. The “twin” in the name indicated the number of cylinders; that’s right, just two.

Using Fiat’s multiair injection system and a turbocharger output is an impressive 85-hp and 107 ft-lbs of torque for the 900cc engine, with a not-terrible 0-60 mph time of around 10 seconds. No official fuel economy numbers are yet available, but some early tests have shown 57-mpg, while Fiat refers to the car as the “most ecological” engine in the world.

It’s believed Fiat will release a less powerful and more powerful version of the engine, while a hybrid model could hit 100-mpg.

On display at the Paris Auto Show, Fiat presented several models, including a special edition model in matte-black. Some other models just also happened to be on hand.

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  • Johnnomads

    Lets be honest, it’s just not necessary or practical to drive a gasoline sucking beast around town, besides a two cylinder car is less expensive to make and buy.


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