Ford Ranger Officially Being Killed-Off Next Year

Ford Ranger Officially Being Killed-Off Next Year

Although it had yet to be confirmed, there were many hints that Ford‘s venerable compact pickup, the Ranger would end production in the North American market in 2011. Well now that’s been officially declared by Ford, with no replacement in sight.

According to Derrick Kuzak, Ford’s current Vice President of Global Product Development, there are several reasons why the Ranger won’t be replaced here even though a next generation ‘global’ Ranger will be offered in other markets. Kuzak says that this ‘global’ Ranger is approximately 90 percent the size of the current F-150 and that buyers, particularly in the U.S.; would rather spend that little extra to get a full-size truck. But he also said that in overseas markets that 10 percent in size can make a difference, along with the ability to meet different legislative requirements in various countries as well as being able to engineer the truck for both left and right hand drive (aspects that weren’t really considered for the current F-150).

Kuzak also went on to state that the small truck market in North America has been declining for years and now represents just two percent of total vehicle sales (it once accounted for around 10 percent). He also says that people who bought Rangers were also looking primarily for cheap wheels, so their needs can be served by cars like the Fiesta and in the commercial sector, the Transit Connect.

Kuzak didn’t comment on the fact that the decline in small truck sales might be due to a lack of enthusiasm and investment from automakers, with Ford not having updated the Ranger in any significant way since 1993. And yet it still managed to sell a respectably 75,000 units annually.

Ford is also hoping they can move Ranger owners up into the F-150, which as of 2011 will boast a V6 engine that is more fuel efficient than the Ranger’s four-banger.

Given the fact that GM might be considering a new true compact truck in view of the 35 mpg CAFE standards; Chrysler has given the green light for a next generation Dakota and even Scion is looking at a compact truck to complement its lineup of ‘youth oriented’ vehicles, perhaps ditching the Ranger at this time isn’t the best strategy for Ford.

[Source: Autoblog]

  • Paul

    Well so much good thing. Have owened 3 and drove them for 230,000mi each, guess if I want an other better get it now.

  • Chad

    It is official. Ford management is filled with the stupidest people on the planet. If I had wanted to buy an F-150, I would have. I didn’t, so I didn’t. Not everyone needs a huge pickup, you dumb—- grrrr. Go jump off a bridge Ford.

  • Jay

    These guys really like pushing people into what they think we should buy. I have had my ranger for 10 years had an f150 before for 2years. I like my ranger, but maybe a dodge dakota is better anyway at least they have some back seats.

  • josh

    nooooooooooooooooooooooo dont take away the ranger. i cremated my ranger the other day and keep it in a earn right beside my bed and every night i cry my self to sleep. the new f-150 i bought to replace it is a better truck and is more fuel efficient,safer,tougher, and my payments went up 30 bucks but im still going to cry myself to sleep everynight. you know im thinking about buying a dakota too when dodge files for bank ruptcy again ill be able to get one of thoes gas guzzling pigs for dirt cheap


    Did Ford take into consideration that a fullsize F150 may not fit in ones garage and that the reason they buy a ranger is because it will? Ford did you ever consider that fact? If I was Kuzak, Fields, and Alan I would rethink what you guys are about ready to do, Hey Bill, whats up?

  • Casey

    Easy guys…..the F-100 pickup is coming in 2011 with eco-boost V-6, good gas mileage and it will fit (I hope) in a 20’x22′ garage already packed with stuff.