Full Carbon Fiber Ferrari F430 Scuderia Spider 16M Available For $650,000

Full Carbon Fiber Ferrari F430 Scuderia Spider 16M Available For $650,000

Apparently having your run-of-the-mill Ferrari F430 Scuderia Spider isn’t cool enough anymore. To be really cool, you have to shell out $650,000 for this full carbon fiber model. Yes, the entire body is made of carbon fiber… and so are the wheels. The body itself was crafted by Carrozzeria Zanasi, Maranello’s premier bodywork specialist. Needless to say it’s flawless inside and out, and even in the engine bay – due partly to the fact that this Scud only has 126 miles on the odometer.

In addition to the carbon body this F430 Scuderia sports Tubi titanium exhaust tips, reupholstered interior featuring Alcantara and leather, full-screen navi, front and rear view cameras and the already mentioned carbon fiber wheels.

Apparently the car is sitting at a dealership in Beverly Hills, CA right now (we’re assuming a Ferrari one given all the Ferraris in the photos) – so we wouldn’t be surprised if we see this baby rolling on the streets of Southern California some day soon… because well, you know, $650,000 is chump change in Beverly Hills.

GALLERY: Carbon Fiber Ferrari F430 Spider 16M

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[Source: TopSpeed]