Gaza Gets First Car Shipment Since 2007

Gaza Gets First Car Shipment Since 2007

The Gaza Strip has received its first car shipment in three years, after an economic blockade left the territory devoid of goods like cars, unless they were smuggled in via illegal tunnels originating in Egypt.

The cars, mostly Hyundai and Kia models, are a mixture of new and used models that have come from Israel. Cars, including Hyundais, can be sold for vastly inflated prices in Gaza, which has been hit by sanctions after Hamas, an Islamic fundamentalist government, took control of the territory.

Despite the grinding poverty, it turns out that a portion of the population can afford to buy new cars, as evidenced by this video, showing a Chevrolet Cruze going for $45,000.

[Source: BBC]

  • mikehoncho

    Thats are American tax dollars at work giving more then $20 billion in aid to Isrealhell to starve a population a make a Chevy Cruze for 45k