General Motors Attempting To Trademark The Phrase “Range Anxiety”

General Motors Attempting To Trademark The Phrase “Range Anxiety”

General Motors is attempting to trademark the phrase “range anxiety”, a term that apparently describes how electric car owners feel when the battery charge drops to near empty levels.

GM Spokesman Rob Peterson confirmed the move to the New York Times, but gave no timeline on when the process would be complete. “We’ve been told the process will take nine months or so,” Mr. Peterson said, “but I’m not an attorney so I can’t say for sure.”

While the Chevrolet Volt uses a gasoline motor as both a generator and a means of powering the car after the electric power source is exhausted, the trademarking of the phrase could be an attempted swipe at other electric cars like the Nissan Leaf and Tesla Roadster, which operate solely on electric power and do not have a “range extender”.

While the Leaf has a variety of systems to alert the driver to the vehicle’s battery life and potential charging spots, Tesla, which uses only two simple readouts displaying battery life and the distance the vehicle can travel before a charge is needed, was dismissive of the campaign. “By all means, G.M. can have ‘range anxiety,’  said Tesla spokesman Ricardo Reyes, to the Times. “To Roadster owners, the term is as irrelevant as ‘gas stop’ or ‘smog check.’ ”

[Source: New York Times]

  • hsr0601

    Even when the value of battery already slipped by 30% or so recently, is also set to sink further just in a couple of years, and many look ready to embrace the Chevrolet Volt, but it sticks to the cost proposed several years back.
    It doesn’t make economic sense, and questions the attitude for change that the company promised before Congress & tax-payers to get a second life.
    Cash for clunkers, a temporary sweetener, can’t last forever, and oil companies don’t rescue GM in need, still less tax-payers.

  • Stuart Rand-Bell

    Seems odd that a company can trademark something in such general use. There is a solution to range anxiety by the way, that no one is doing. See